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The Life of a Loughborough Student

Loughborough is a market town located in the heart of England. The town is home to the famous Loughborough University and Colleges, and as a result is overflowing with students studying a variety of topics. This wonderful destination is truly a great place to get a good education, as there is so much else also at hand.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to study, the perfect spot for a date, or somewhere to party the night away with friends, Loughborough has it all. Below is a guide to some of the great options available to students in this brilliant town.


If you’re working on a paper, want to revise or need some research materials, Loughborough University library is a fantastic resource. With over half a million books, journals, periodicals and electronic resources, you’re sure to find something that will help you in the library.

It is also open 24/7 during exam periods, so if you find yourself wanting to cram in as much information as possible at 3am, then you have somewhere to go. There are computer areas, desks, rooms for group study and even a newsagents and café, so you can drown your sorrows in a chocolate bar while you work!

If the library isn’t the place for you, and you prefer to work somewhere a little less formal and more relaxed, then Loughborough has many café’s that have Wi-Fi. Many students enjoy sitting back with a cup of tea on a comfy chair while they study, but don’t want to stay in the house, so this is a great solution, and definitely an option for a student living in Loughborough.


Whether you can’t be bothered cooking so decide to get take-out or your parents are coming to visit for the weekend and you want to go out for a nice meal, Loughborough has a huge variety of places to eat and drink. From small cafes to large chain restaurants and quirky independent bars, Loughborough has it all.

Loughborough offers cuisine from a number of countries, with something to suit all budgets. The locally-owned fish and chip shops are one of the most popular take-out meals, but there is also the ever-present fast food outlets: McDonalds, KFC, Dominos and Pizza Hut.

If you want somewhere a little classier, Moomba is a great Australian restaurant with a menu that is absolutely delicious. Or, you may want to try Caravelli, which is a brilliant Italian restaurant offering scrumptious food both within 5 minutes walk of Asha House.


Finally, what many students will probably consider the most important thing… what is there to do in Loughborough?

Loughborough has cinemas and a theatre that many students enjoy, as well as a good variety of shops, perfect for an afternoon’s retail therapy.

The town itself has numerous bars, clubs and pubs all catering for different needs, so whatever your preferred style of entertainment, you can enjoy a night out in Loughborough. There is often a live musician or band playing somewhere across town for you to enjoy.

The Student Union runs 4 bars on campus, which are open during the day as well as in the evening. These great bars always have something going on, though you’ll definitely want to get there early if you go on a Wednesday or Friday as there are sometimes as many as 4000 people there on these busy days.


Loughborough is a great place for a student as there is a lot going on. Whether you’re looking for places to work, different types of food or a place to relax and party the night away, Loughborough has it all.

Image credits: Auburn Alumni Association and carmichaellibrary.