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Looking for student accommodation in Loughborough, what are your options?

Going to university is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. For many people it will be the first time they have ever moved out of the parental home. Although you have many things to think about, one of the most important things to do is to sort out your accommodation as early as possible in order to secure your first choice. In this article we will talk you through the different types of accommodation available for students at Loughborough University.

Undergraduate halls

These are University funded and run halls at Loughborough University. The benefits are you can delve straight into the university way of life. By moving into halls you can meet other undergraduate students and fellow classmates immediately, some of which may end up becoming friends for life. Halls at Loughborough are strictly controlled and monitored. It’s important that you understand the possible additional costs like breakages and cleaning so make sure you ask these important questions as Halls are subject to regular inspections. Halls can also be fairly noisy so it’s worth asking to look around late in the evening when there may be a fair bit of activity.

Catered or self-catered?

Firstly you will need to decide whether you want to stay in catered or self-catered halls. In catered halls you will have some of  your meals made for you at set times. These halls are obviously more expensive than self-catered halls, but in self-catered halls you will have to factor in your cost of food anyway. Self-catered halls offer you flexibility, as you have the choice of what you want to eat, where and when.
Be aware that the Halls are a fair distance from the town centre so carting shopping about should be given consideration. Many people learn to cook for themselves at university, as mum and dad aren’t there to help! The choice you make is down to your own personal preference and budget.

Room types and bathrooms

The number of students sharing a bathroom varies depending on which hall of residence you choose, however it is usually between four to nine students. If you do not fancy sharing your bathroom with that many people, you can always opt for an ensuite room or a shared ensuite room however it is worth noting that these rooms are more expensive.

Other options include studio accommodation, which has a bedroom with a kitchenette and separate bathroom, or a self-contained flat which is a single or double bedroom with a separate kitchen and bathroom. Most halls of residence also include launderette facilities and common rooms.

Off-campus accommodation

If you are considering living in off-campus accommodation then it is important to find a suitable place that can meet your needs as a student. Wherever you choose to live there is a wide range of privately owned accommodation in Loughborough. These include individual rooms with shared facilities (similar to halls), shared houses,and self-contained flats and bedsits.

Asha House can provide accommodation in the following formats, a standard room, large room, deluxe room, studio apartment or a one bedroom apartment. All are en suite, safe and secure. You alone have access to your room that includes a study area as well as organized storage space for all of your essential fashion itinerary The type of accommodation you choose will depend on your personal preferences as well as your budget. You will also need to make sure that you choose somewhere to live that is  close to local amenities like shops.