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Loughborough University accommodation options for those new to the area

Loughborough University is situated in the lovely market town of Loughborough, Leicestershire, and is one of the UK’s leading universities. Offering courses in a wide range of subjects, this fantastic establishment offers first class education.

Not only is the standard of teaching very high, but the campus itself is large, and has a variety of fantastic facilities including 2 gyms and a library boasting half a million resources.

If you are thinking about going to Loughborough University, or already have your place and want to know more about the accommodation options then look no further! This helpful guide will give you a rundown of all the accommodation choices in Loughborough.

Student Halls

If you’re just arriving for your first year then you have the option to go into university halls. This is a really great way to make friends with other students, as you’ll be put in a hall with people who aren’t necessarily doing the same course as you.

The halls of residence at Loughborough University are all on, or extremely close to, the main campus, meaning that everything is within easy walking distance. However they are a far walk from the town centre for shopping and socialising. When it comes to choosing halls, you will be faced with a variety of options, as Loughborough has numerous types of halls accommodation, which tries to cater for every budget and requirement.

The price of the hall you rent is dependent upon the things you request. For example, ensuite rooms are more expensive than shared bathroom flats. You may also opt for a self-contained studio apartment or a shared flat. You also have the option of whether you would like to share with a mixture of guys and girls or just one gender.

All the rooms come with basic furniture, which includes a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, and curtains. You can bring extra furniture if you wish, though you should be aware that it might not all fit in, depending on the size of your room. Should you have kitchen facilities you will be required to bring your own utensils and equipment such as a toaster and kettle, as these are not provided.

Halls are closely monitored and inspected regularly and you are responsible for breakages and cleaning if you have accidents. Noise may also be an issue so if you’re looking for a quiet life it’s worth taking a look at the accommodation at a busy time to get a view on this.

Privately Rented Accommodation

If you’ve been sharing halls in the first year and making lots of friends moving into privately rented accommodation will give you a great deal more breathing space. This is because the halls are reserved primarily for new arrivals and are subject to regular inspections and very close monitoring.

Private specialist accommodation such as Asha House has the benefit of more freedom, excellent security, a safe place to live, town centre location, more freedom to be yourself, and is generally much quieter than living in halls.

There are many privately rented flats and houses varying in size across Loughborough, so you won’t be stuck for somewhere to live. Remember that if you are sharing the cost of renting the trick is finding a small group of friends (4-6) who are reliable so you know they won’t fall behind on rent or bills! Asha House can offer all types of accommodation, by individual contract for individuals and groups in several styles and price ranges.

More details on each of these options is available by clicking on these links, standard room, large room, deluxe room, studio apartment or a one bedroom apartment.


Loughborough is a beautiful town with plenty of accommodation options available. Whether you decide to stay in halls or rent accommodation off-site, you’re sure to get a great deal in a wonderful location.

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