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Renting in Loughborough for Students, all you need to know

Home to one of the best universities in the country and boasting a lively town centre, it’s no wonder that Loughborough is a great place to live for students and professionals alike.

Thanks to its relatively small size – just 59317in 2012 – plus 1/3rd for the student population, there can be a competitive demand for the best housing.

So if you’re about to move into your own accommodation here’s what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.

Types of accommodation

Choosing your accommodation is an important next step in your university life.

Whether you’ve been living in halls for the past year or are moving to the city to begin your studies in September, you have two main accommodation choices, specialist or private.

Specialist student accommodation is run and maintained by a private company and offers rooms and apartments already kitted out with everything that you’ll need for university life. One such is Asha House.

Choosing your accommodation is an important next step in your university life.

Most specialist accommodation is in easy reach of either the university or town centre and offers an all-inclusive package for those living independently for the first time.

A bonus of specialist rentals is that many provide perks like free internet, laundry facilities on site, secure bike storage, good security, and someone around to offer great advice if required.

Private lets can be more involved to organise as you’ll need to arrange viewings, contact agents and set up all of you bills and utilities, but will give you more experience of what it’s like to live on your own.

Where to live?

As in many university cities, the choice comes down to living near to the town centre or near campus.

As it will affect the way that you live throughout the whole year, this is an important choice.

If your course requires a lot of on-campus research or late lectures, living near to the university can save you a lot of valuable time, however many students feel that to make the most of their time at uni they need to be where the action is.

When to start looking

In Loughborough, as in most university towns, student accommodation contracts start being arranged very early in the year.

To have the best choice, it’s best to start looking in February, although you’ll probably still be able to find yourself some accommodation right through until the end of the summer term.

How long should the tenancy be?

If you go for a private let, you’ll probably have to sign a yearlong contract although some landlords may offer a shorter lease to students. This is great if you’re planning on going home for the summer as you won’t be wasting money on rent unnecessarily.

Most specialist accommodation including Asha House include extras Free Internet Most specialist accommodation including Asha House include extras Free Internet

Most specialist student lets will offer a term-time only deal so you only pay for the time you’re there. Look out for places that offer free or cheap storage during the holidays as carting all of your stuff backwards and forwards can become a pain.

Will bills be included?

Again, this will depend on your landlord. If you’re going for specialist student accommodation then you’ll probably find that most, if not all, of your bills are included in the cost of your rent.

For private lets, it’s more likely you’ll have to pay the bills yourself, so be aware of this when calculating your finances and don’t get behind and damage our credit ratings because you’re not organised.

Moving out of home or university halls and into your own accommodation is a great moment in your university life. And with a little research and effort you can find yourself somewhere really great to live for the rest of your years at uni.