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Student Accommodation in Loughborough

Student Accommodation Summary

Asha House is student accommodation in Loughborough. A beautiful market town located in Leicestershire, England! Situated in the heart of the town is Loughborough University. This is one of the countries leading educational establishments, consistently ranking within the top 20 universities in the UK. The incredible 437-acre campus and top quality tutors attract thousands of students. It has bagged The Times Higher Education “Best Student Experience” for 5 consecutive years. If you are one of the students hoping to start at Loughborough University soon, then you might want to know a little bit more about what life will soon be like.

Getting Around

If you are thinking about visiting home while you’re at Uni, Loughborough train station is a reasonable size and offers direct links to London, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Sheffield, as well as numerous smaller towns en route. Connections are widely available from any of these city stations too.

Student Accommodation

Loughborough train station can help you get there. During term time, the ‘Spirit’ bus runs every 10 minutes from the train station right to the end of the campus, via the town centre and past Asha House. However, without a doubt the most popular means of getting around is by walking. Everything is within easy walking distance of Asha House student accommodation and of course you’ll save money, which is always great as a student! The University is approximately a 10-minute walk away from the town centre and it only takes 20 minutes to get around the entire campus.

Both the university and town are very bike-friendly, so if you wanted to cycle this is also a great option. There are 67 cycle storage areas on campus we have 40 cycle storage spots at Asha, so it’s easy to keep your bike safe. Access to the campus is limited via car and discouraged. With such good public transportation available, you can save a lot of money and hassle by not bringing your car along.


The universities student accommodation is either on or extremely close to campus. However, halls are some distance from Loughborough’s town centre. If considering the halls generally  there are a lot of things you need to specify when applying, as this will determine the exact price. Halls tend to come with the basic furniture (bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, shelves) and all bills (except TV license) included. However, if you are self-catered and have a kitchen, there is minimal equipment available; you will be expected to bring pots and pans etc. You should also be aware that most of the provisions stores are near the town centre and not near the student accommodation at Loughborough University or Colleges.

Another option is to rent privately: flats, houses or custom built student accommodation within the local area all are available. For those who are self catering these are usually more conveniently located than campus accommodation. The supermarkets, food outlets and of course the famous market and independent shops  which are numerous and varied are all in the Town Centre

Students’ Union

The Student Union puts on a large variety of activities and events throughout the year. The S.U. offers nearly 60 societies that you can join. These include hot air ballooning, surfing and many other unusual and interesting pastimes. They also raise a lot of money for charity. Loughborough Student Union is one of the biggest and best for fundraising in the UK. There is also a Student Union shop, bookshop, taxi rank, hairdresser, optician, dentist and pharmacy on campus. Whatever night of the week it is, the Student Union is sure to have organised an event, whether it’s a gig, or club night, for you to enjoy. (There’s even a Bell Foundry for closet campanologists)

Night Life

Loughborough has a wide range of pubs, clubs and cocktails bars within the Town Centre. Whatever you enjoy on a night out, you’re sure to find something that will take your fancy. There’s always something going on at night, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll get bored! There are also 4 bars on campus, which are open day and night. The Student Union organises various events held in these bars, and the busiest days are usually Wednesdays and Fridays when there might be up to 4000 people in attendance. Whether you like live acts or dancing the night away with a DJ, Loughborough’s night life has something for everyone! Asha House student accommodation is an easy crawl from most of the highly reputed venues.


Loughborough University is a fantastic place, and with this extra information, you’ll be all set when you arrive for the new semester especially if you choose our luxury student accommodation.

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