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Welcome to Asha House, Student Accommodation Loughborough

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What our guests have said

We want to know what our tenants think and ask for satisfaction surveys to be completed anonymously


“The team is awesome, enough said”


“I love living in Asha House”

Maria and Nacho

“Dear Mr Pinks (& co.), I am writing just to thank you for a wonderful stay at Asha. Best wishes, and hope you all have a wonderful summer, Maria and Nacho”


“Hi Jane, I have decided to live in The ——–, which I feel bad for saying! You and the guy who showed me round (can’t remember his name) have been extremely helpful and much friendlier than the staff here. Your building is also much better kept and there is noticeable damp here, which I guess is why they are cheaper. Your rooms and building definitely seemed worth the extra, and it was a very hard decision but I chose The ——– purely because of the price, which my mum disagreed with! I may well regret my decision. Asha house is the far better option in every aspect, it’s just unfortunate I’m a bit of a cheapskate! Jack”


“Thank you very much for being part of my family here for the past two years. Thanks for the recommendations for my new job and everything you did for me. Take care.”


“Great value/quality for money at Asha House”


“The overall quality of Asha House is amazing”


“Thank you for making Asha House my home. I will miss the random chats we had in the office. Thanks for everything.”


“Dear Tony, Chris helped me move out and he did everything brilliant. I would like to thank you for take a good care of me while I am here. If you have any plan to travel to Thailand next year, please give me a shout. Thank you. TK”


“I will recommend Asha House to my friends”

Satisfaction Survey

Below are the up to date results for the academic year 2013/2014

Question:      How convenient is the Asha House location?
100% said extremely or very convenient of which 54% said extremely convenient

Question:      How do you rate the quality of accommodation?
The majority said that it was better than our competitors with 45% reporting it as much better

Question:      Compared to our competitors how did you find our prices?
Overall our survey said that our prices are slightly more reasonable and 64% stated that they were much more reasonable

Question:      How responsive are our admin and maintenance teams?
We are told that we are very responsive with 47% saying that we are extremely responsive

Question:      Do you like living at Asha House?
100% stated that living at Asha House was great with 73% stating that they liked it a great deal

Question:      How likely are you to recommend Asha House?
100% reported that they would recommend Asha House with 55% saying that they were extremely likely to recommend us


“The overall quality of Asha House is amazing”
“Great value for money at Asha House”
“Awesome, enough said”
“I love living in Asha House”
“The management team are really caring and helpful, nothing is too much trouble, and my mum was really relaxed about my living here after she had seen how they dealt with us”